The trip in numbers

Days 347[1]
Miles / Kilometers in total 26602 / 42837[2]
Countries, 16[3]
Amount of Solar Electricity produced; 750 kWhr

Saving 563 Litres of diesel

And 2000kg of Co2 (similar to a return flight to Johannesburg from London)

Number of travel companions 20[4]
Max number of people in the car 8[5]

Longest boarder crossing 7 hours[6]
Number of bananas eaten in the car 1388[7]
Tv appearances; 2

Facebook fans 870

Twitter followers 5789

Approximate visits a month on website: 3500, 29000 page impressions, 200 referrers

From 130 different countries.

Hotest Temperature 48c

Litres of water 7000 [8]
Number of new mobile numbers in my phone... 158

Number of punctures; 14[9]
Number of Schools visited: 11[10]
0 serious injuries
4 guns in the car, [11].
Number of times the bull bar was used: 5 [12]
0 animals run over
4356 insects killed ( yes I counted every day, honest)
Number of people who put us up in there home, 25:[13]

Number of times heard a song by Shakira 649

98Gb of Photos


[1] 14th October 2009 to 27th September 2010

[2] 2800 Miles / 4500 KM by Public transport

[3] England, Wales, France, Italy, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa

[4] (People that actually stayed on the car) Ryan, Shaun, Massoud, Sasha, Abu, Hassan, Amal, Ramah, Stephan, Nigisti, Hugo, Isabella, Heidi, Sisi, Nina, Bethan, Norm, Suzie, Keith, Nilza and many many friends and random people that we gave lifts to….

[5] new years eve, Khartoum, Sudan

[6] Libya to Egypt (2 hours in Libya 5 getting into Egypt)

[7] 347*2*2=

[8] 347*20=

[9] on the way back from Dinder, 2 in Nuba mountains, 9 Ethiopia, Nairobi, Malawi

[10] 4 with SolarAid PV 2 Khartoum, 1 Ethiopia, 5 Kenya, 2 Uganda, 1 Malawi

[11] 1 police in Sudan, 1 guard for Dinder national park, 1 Turkana tribesman, 1 Malawian traffic cop

[12] Khartoum bus reversed into me, minibus in Addis, 2*minibus in Nairobi, Mercedes in Kigali

[13] My Parents, Fatima in London, Mohammed farmer in Tunisia, Johnny and family in Aswan, Abu Bakri and family northern Sudan, Abbas / Mohammed Farm tuti island, Abdul Lateif, Mase Idris, Richard in El Obeiyed, parking guy?, Kyle, Yardi, Corrine in Ethiopia, Geoffrey, guys in Malindi, guy on coast, Suzi in Karen, Aida, Gerd in Rwanda, dude in Malawi, Silvester, Nilza and Nilza (yes two different people with the same name…) Ryans Parents.

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