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Sunny Money with UNICEF in Kibera Nairobi

Solar School Kenya

Solar powered Muhuru bay

One of my aims of the trip was to really get involved with some of the SolarAid projects – the charity that we are supporting and hoping to raise £20,000 for (Please donate…

Kenya Sunny Money Kibera

Sunny Money and OverlandintheSun on NTV Kenya and UNICEF visit

We have been filming at Kibera, Nairobi today, which was shown on NTV Kenya tonight. Have a watch here   Yesterday we were also in Kibera at the SolarAid, Sunny Money project, the…

Lions in Sudan

Lions in Sudan? Dinder National Park

Some, may have you believe, that all that is in Sudan is dust, dust and sand. However if you venture off the beaten track (just a little bit) you may be quite surprised!…

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