Ruaha National Park Tanzania

My sister and her partner Norm came over to visit us for a few days the other week, it was good to see people from my “pre-overlandinthesun” life and let them share some of our experiences.

What you looking at?

It was there first trip to Africa so we thought we would go to a national park. Unfortunately on our tiny budget we don’t often get to go to parks – it would appear they are still only for the wealthy and privileged. In Tanzania they also have an annoying rule that all foreigners have to pay in US dollars – we simply were not allowed to pay in Tanzanian Shillings, which in my opinion undervalues their own currency and unnecessarily strengthens the dollar. It also makes it even more expensive for us as not being American, as I have to convert from UK pounds, to Tanzanian, to Dollar…

Anyway once over the hassle of getting in Ruha the park wowed us all with its amazing scenery and wonderful wildlife. We didn’t see any big cats, but it was still spectacular. It would seam that our trip will prove that seeing Lions is easier in Sudan, rather than East Africa…..!

Parrot Ruha National Park

Eagle Ruha Tanzania


Disco Donkeys



Wild Dog






elephants Ruha



Zebra Disco Donkey

River Ruha

Elephant drinking Ruha National Park Tanzania

Crocodile Ruha River Tanzania

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