Is our Solar System saving us thaaat much fuel?

So the solar system in the landcruiser is working well – you can read my write up on it for one month on here;

But now I have worked out some fuel consumption figures, for before the trip and what we have driven so far (just south of Cairo).

The headline is that our fuel consumption has indeed improved since doing the Solar conversion!

Before the Solar conversion the landcruiser achieved on average around 19mpg (19 L/100KM)since leaving London our average has been 21mpg (13 L/100KM) this is a massive improvement – beyond my expectations (I was hoping for 1 mpg improvement).

In terms of fuel over the 6142 miles so far we have saved 128 liters (About £135 at UK prices!)

In terms of CO2 the improvement in fuel consumption has saved 338 kg Co2 (about the same as a flight from London to Rome or what a coal burning power station produces every second)

It has achieved this improvement despite the fact that the vehicle is carrying considerable extra weight; Bull Bar 50kg, Roof Top tents 100kg, Roof Rack 50 kg, Two spare wheels 20 kg and all of our gear (including water) 80kg. That is over 300kg of extra weight and increased drag (from the roof top tents). This extra weight and combined with the poorer roads / some off roading will have harmed the fuel consumption – so if the vehicle was unladen the improvements would be even greater.

Before recommending that everybody goes and converts parts of their cars to Solar, some of the improvement will have come from the professionally cleaned injectors (by M&B) and keeping it well serviced with Opie Oils (though our Air Filter is very dirty at the moment). The new tyres from Tyretraders I also expect have played a role in this improvement.

But the difference from before to after is considerable and the Solar conversion simply must be making a difference.

If you are reading this and thinking my car uses far less fuel, or I don’t even have a car – have a read of this article which shows how are carbon foot print is actually lower doing this trip than if we stayed in the UK.

Table 1 shows our fuel consumption figures before set off
Figures in Bold indicated a full fill up, figures in White indicate an average.
Fuel consumption before

Table 2 shows our fuel consumption figures for the trip.

Fuel consumption during the trip

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