Eat lots of Fruit in Uganda!

As I bought my visa on the Uganda boarder the official told me to make sure I ate lots of fruit in Uganda “Ugandan fruit is the best in the world” she laughed….

Guardian Katine

Guardian Katine Project

While we were in Uganda we visited the Katine project, which is supported and funded by the UK Guardian newspaper, AMREF and Barclays bank You can read my account of the day on…

Ugandan Children

The great wealth of Africa

So I have been on and off the road with the guys for a month now, travelling from Nairobi to south-western Uganda. It has been a month packed with new experiences for me,…


A woman’s perspective

As the only girl on this expedition I inevitably experience things a bit different from the guys. While they are frequently met with question about solar panels, the Landcruiser and their countries of…

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