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Sudan, Wadi Halfa Ferry from Egypt


Egypt – the Nile

The Nile is the life blood of Egypt, all of Egypt’s fertile land surrounds it, 90% of the population lives along its banks. Without the Nile there would be no Egypt. In Cairo…

Shaun in Egypt

Sinai to Cairo

Sinai to Cairo We all had been wanting to climb Mount Sinai – it was the “thing to do” on the Sinai peninsula after scuba diving. We had heard that the best time…


Egypt Siwa and Sinai

Egypt Money Money money money – that is my first impression of Egypt; everybody wanted money from us. Egypt had already made our Carnet more expensive (we had to insure against 800% of…


Some thoughts so far.

So here we are. Taba. Egypt. I sit here thinking to myself what are the main things that i have learned so far. I think how people are essentially all the same. We…


One Month on – the Solar System

How is our Solar System working, one month on? The system was made up simply with some guidance from my mate, Lachlan, at Solar Century and me just seeing what fitted where! No…

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