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I’m now back in the UK (into reality looking for work! ) after 347 days, 20 travelling companions, 27,000 miles, 16 countries, 14 punctures, 4000 hours of sunshine, 750kWhr of solar electricity generated…

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The people of the Trip

The trip in numbers

Days 347[1] Miles / Kilometers in total 26602 / 42837[2] Countries, 16[3] Amount of Solar Electricity produced; 750 kWhr Saving 563 Litres of diesel And 2000kg of Co2 (similar to a return flight…

Meet the team

A bit about us… Gwyn;   After leaving school in Oxted, Surrey, Gwyn studied International Politics at the University of Wales Aberystwyth. Since University Gwyn has worked in UK Government where he was…

Is this trip Green?

Simple put, we will be producing less CO2 while doing this trip than we would normally living in the UK. The pie chart below shows the UK emmissions make up in 2005 There…

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