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Sunny Money with UNICEF in Kibera Nairobi


Ethiopian Encore

It’s a strange feeling reaching Cape Town, could the journey really be at an end? Much of South Africa felt like home in the UK and I hadn’t quite had enough of Africa….


The trip that was – OverlandintheSun

I’m now back in the UK (into reality looking for work! ) after 347 days, 20 travelling companions, 27,000 miles, 16 countries, 14 punctures, 4000 hours of sunshine, 750kWhr of solar electricity generated…

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The people of the Trip

Landcruiser Solar

Is our Solar System saving us thaaat much fuel?

So the solar system in the landcruiser is working well – you can read my write up on it for one month on here; But now I have worked out some fuel consumption…

I am in Cape Town the Final Destination!

Well after nearly a year I finally made it to Cape Town! It is an enormous sence of achievement. And I thank every single person who travelled with me and helped us out…

Landcruiser Gearbox

What happens when things go wrong? The end of the Landcruiser…

When it all goes wrong or maybe it’s when things don’t go how you expect…. The story of how the Landcruiser found a new home after breaking it’s gearbox, how I got stuck…


Eat lots of Fruit in Uganda!

As I bought my visa on the Uganda boarder the official told me to make sure I ate lots of fruit in Uganda “Ugandan fruit is the best in the world” she laughed….

Water Collection in Uganda

Water Water will you make me ill today?

London and Cape Town are some of the most water stressed areas on our trip – sounds surprising? How can raining old London have less water than the deserts of Sudan? Water stress…

Guardian Katine

Guardian Katine Project

While we were in Uganda we visited the Katine project, which is supported and funded by the UK Guardian newspaper, AMREF and Barclays bank You can read my account of the day on…

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