4wd Systems Long Range fuel tank

After removing the old fuel tank for welding the bodywork, LAS pointed out how badly corroded it was. It was rusting around the filler pipe and some of the venting holes were also damaged. I knew it had a bit of a leek when it was full of fuel. I decided not to get the old tank repaired – firstly it wouldn’t be cheap and potentially it may fail elsewhere. Secondly we would need a greater range than what the old 90litre tank could give (about 400miles or so) I have seen other overlanders with fuel in jerry cans on the roof rack, in the boot or attached to the rear bumper. Fuel is heavy, having it on jerry cans on the roof can significantly change the handling of the vehicle – I have also seen cases where the heavy load has damaged the roof – or in a worse case scenario smash through the windscreen. Diesel is less flammable than petrol, but it will still get hot on the roof and potentially be dangerous.

Having a long range fuel tank means you don’t affect the handling quite so much or take up room inside the boot. It will also mean I will be able to take advantage of cheaper fuel – and potentially waste veg oil (B100 bio-diesel)

The extra size of the fuel tank goes where the original spare wheel carrier goes – so you also need to relocate the spare wheel(s). The extra weight means it was a good idea to upgrade the suspension. 4wdSystems in Australia have supplied all of the above.


I wanted to get something proven – having a fuel tank that splits in the Sahara wont be fun! Getting something custom made in the UK, would also have been very expensive! I ordered directly cutting out the middleman (i.e. UK importer) it ended up being pretty simple really. It arrived like this!

longe range fuel tank

Installing the fuel tank was pretty easy really – some have complained about the “big name” tanks not lining up properly and generaly being difficult to fit – not the case with this one!

4wdsystems fuel tank


The fuel tank is 195litres, or 42.9 UK gallons, or 51.2 little US gallons… It holes for a fuel return line – so is fine for both petrol and diesel landcruisers.


4wdsystems hj60 fuel tank

I decided to paint the tank before fitting – much easier off and the paint on it wasn’t thick enough for UK conditions;

painting longrange fuel tank

and then flushed it with some diesel (as per instructions)


They can’t do this in the factory due to shipping (I assume fuel residue would be left)

As you can see by the magnetic drain plug it was worth swashing it out!

magnetic drain plug

and then fitted all the fittings for the breather hoses and blocked off the return line (don’t need that for diesel


I then fitted the mouting bracket (I did need to file the holes a little bigger..)

fuel tank mounting

And then using the shpping palet and some tyres I jacked it into place!

Jacking up fuel tank

In place

Few more bits to do on this!

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