Happy 100 days of travelling to us!

It is our centenary, 100 days ago we slipped out of London and onto the ferry to France on the first day of our epic trip!

We have had well over 100 good experience on this trip, lots of amazing people, beautiful scenery, endless roads and tasty food – we look forward to plenty more.

So how do you spend your 100th day travelling?

Well we are currently in Khartoum attempting to drag ourselves away and into Ethiopia, but the Sudanese won’t quite let us go yet!

Two days ago I was driving out of a parking space, when somebody blocked me in with their car. In London or Cape Town you may lock your doors and hope for the best… In Khartoum you open the window and are welcomed to Sudan, promptly before being invited for dinner. Never one to refuse an invitation to somebodies house (home cooked food and friendly conversation is one of the highlights of the trip) we accepted. After some great Nile fish we were invited to stay in the families Hotel in central Khartoum. So for our 100th day we woke up in Hotel Taka www.takahotel.com ! After breakfast our day started.

I want to get the landcruiser 100% before leaving Sudan – we have lots of friends here so it makes sense to get as much done as possible, well in theory. One of the problems with the landcruiser is that the gearbox leaks oil internally to the 4wd transfer case. All it is a £15 seal, but you have to take the transfer case out. After a couple of hours of discussing labour prices (and the mechanics wanting to replace lots more parts) I decided to leave, not really understanding why the same labour costs were quoted for two different jobs, one being half the amount of work as the other?! Looks like i will be doing this one myself!

Next task was a bit more interesting, Amal has friends at Blue Nile TV, which broadcasts all across the Arab world. They want to do a programme about our journey so far, solar electricity, SolarAid, and travel in Sudan. It actually looks like it is going to happen now – we just visited the company for them to find a little more about us. If it is completely will of course upload it so everyone can watch!

After this, it is back to the vehicle we need to get some kind of storage system built in the boot as our B&Q storage boxes are breaking on the bumpy roads. This is one of things that appears to fit the “Omdurman is 1/3 the price of Khartoum bracket”. Our preferred “metal frame welded up thing” looked to cost 300S£ in Khartoum, just across the river the price drops to 130S£ and the guy looks like he will do a better job. Amal has thought of a friend who does this kind of thing so we have to wait until after the weekend (Friday / Saturday here) before we can decide.

Needing to celebrate our 100days somehow, we went for Ice Cream!

Now verging into our 101st day we are back at Taka hotel writing this.

This may sound like a simple day, but everything is interrupted by coffee or bumping into other people we have met who just want to say hello…..And the landcruiser has even had a wash! (first time on this trip)

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